Crea International

Crea International

Creative and Dreams Music Network is proud to welcome Crea International to our growing family of creative experts.

Crea International is an Italian physical brand design company that seeks to bring to life the language, values and spirit of a brand within its physical space. Services offered include brand design, space design, product design and architecture. Clients represent a variety of industries including banking and financial services, telecommunications, food service, land and air transport, fashion and beauty and entertainment and hospitality. The firm has worked with such well-known brands as Allianz, ChiantiBanca, Lavazza, Vodafone and Tim shopping centers.

Founded in 2002 by Alberto Pasquini, Marco Bini and Stefano Carone, Crea International is headquartered in Milan, but the firm operates worldwide with a particular focus in the European and Middle Eastern markets. Crea International is made up of a multidisciplinary team of brand strategists, design directors, graphic and visual designers, architects, interior designers, product designers, engineers and LEED and green building experts.

The team strongly believes that every brand has a specific language that deserves to be heard and communicated through the design process. Crea International created a patented methodology called Physical Brand Design, which is applied to all of the firm’s design projects. The methodology reinforces each brand’s identity and creates highly innovative concepts that generate added value and act as key business booster tools.

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