Blake Althen

Blake Althen Creative and Dreams is proud to welcome a new talented and creative producer/composer to our wonderful family of unique talent and expertise.

Blake Althen of Human Factor has composed and produced music for musical artists, indie films, feature films and corporate clients since the early 90’s. With his background as a record producer working with artists on three continents, Blake brings a contemporary, artistic and world vibe to his film, television and video compositions. He has been nominated for two Grammy’s and more than 20 Washington Area Music Awards. His musical artists have reached the peak of Billboard charts, and his music has won first place in songwriting and scoring contests such as the Billboard Film/TV Scoring Contest, the Just Plain Folks Music Awards and Songwriters Association of Washington. He is the author of Brand, Buzz & Success: Your Guide to the New Music Industry.

Blake’s formal education was at Berklee College of Music and George Mason University. He believes, however, that making music is the best way to learn how to make music, and he advocates practical experience in the many workshops and seminars he gives at college campuses, music education institutions, and music and film/video conferences and events.

Currently, Blake is pioneering Auditiontracs™, DVD-Audio and 5.1 Surround Music, adding more dimension to his compositions and ultimately to the projects in which they are placed.

Blake’s clients include Discovery Network, MTV, A&E Network, Honda, NFL Carolina Panthers, US Army Modular Forces, Marine Marathon, Five Star Films Inc., PikasFilm Inc., Gonzaga Basketball, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, musical artists SONiA (Baltimore), Rachel Panay (Washington DC), Jennifer Cutting (UK/DC), Abby Someone (South Dakota), Noa Tylo (South Africa/NYC), Pale Beneath the Blue (Cincinnati), Mariana Bell (NYC), Korea (Sweden), Reign (Hong Kong) and more.

Blake brings an extraordinary amount of energy, talent, knowledge, professionalism and experience to all of his musical compositions, productions and education.

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