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Jennifer Angel Jennifer Angel is a celebrity astrologer, media personality and the resident astrologer and metaphysical writer for the New York Daily News and Star Magazine (USA), and Her websites receive nearly 18 million unique users per month, and she has a fan base that spans three continents! Jennifer’s horoscopes, articles and pet horoscopes give her readers inspiration and insight into their lives. Her astrological forecasts and featured articles have a unique style, which is light, refreshing, informative and uncannily accurate. Even those who claim not to believe can’t resist a sneak peek at their horoscopes from time to time!


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November Horoscopes


Full Moon energy influences your money matters, make sure you don’t overlook anything important. This is also a good month to focus on feeling worthy to attract what you desire in life. Steadily work through business opportunities, and be positive. Don’t make any rash decisions that can take you off track. Collaboration with others can boost your career this month. On a personal note, keep the communication door open, the more you connect with someone on an intellectual level, the better your relationship will be.

The full Moon in your sign early in the month can send you on a roller coaster ride, but it will help you unblock emotional energy that could be stopping you from fulfilling your heart’s desire. A discussion around work can open doors and other people’s assistance can bring new opportunities. Someone else’s good luck can also be yours. Venus in your love zone, along with a host of other planetary influences and activity, focuses your attention on love, and your home environment can change now too, for the better.

New Moon energy on the 22nd right opposite your sign in your zone of relationships puts the focus on love, and with Venus the love goddess, making her move to this area of your star-chart mid month, you have an opportunity to boost or repair your love life, or meet someone special. Your day-to-day productivity also gives your career a boost, but to capitalize on this energy you need to stay focused, set a plan and follow it.

Ruled by the Moon, each month the new and full Moon has a strong influence on your life and how you feel. Early in the month, the full Moon can highlight people who may not be all they portray, take notice of your intuition, it will tell you all you need to know. The new Moon on the 22nd highlights business, and the people you meet now can play a significant role in your life. With the influence of Venus mid month, this is also a perfect time for an image overhaul.

Business is always on your mind, Leo, but love and romance play a big role this month, and it would be wise to remember that there is more to life than making money. You have an opportunity now to either meet someone wonderful, reconnect with someone, or put extra loving attention into your intimate life and close relationships. The full Moon on the sixth can give your work life a shake up, and can serve its purpose to shake out anything or anyone who does not have your best interests at heart.

Your attention can focus on foreign affairs, travel or leaning a new skill this month. Discussions that can help improve your bank balance are also imminent, and a creative project can get the green light, but you may need to be ready to move at a moments’ notice. The home and family environment is top priority and if you have been thinking of making changes in this area, this is the time to follow through. What you do next, can provide you with the stability and satisfaction in life you have been craving.

The actions of other people, particularly those of an official nature, and situations that relate to money, can be transparent this month. Anything that is unexpected and does not go to plan will likely be a blessing in disguise. Don’t make any rash decisions, wait for the dust to settle. What happens now on a business level can also affect your home situation. However, be careful of changing your mind, it is important to carefully think through your strategy and follow it with diligence.

You are in a new phase, the solar eclipse late last month was a game changer, and with still so many planetary influences in and around your sign, you need to stay focused on your highest priority, as to not get distracted or go off on tangents that can take you off track. There is a positive financial influence now as well – and it is important for you to do the inner self work so you feel worthy of attracting what you want in life. Early in the month, the full Moon opposite your sign, gives you the sensitivity to reach out to someone you love.

Last month’s solar eclipse focused your attention to think more deeply about your life, where you are, where you want to be, and the journey to get there. This month, your annual new Moon in your sign indicates a bright new beginning and now is the time to put thoughts into action. Be careful with money matters not to make rash decisions, impulsive Mars in this area can tempt you to be impatient. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Check in with your intuition to get the full story. Venus enters your sign on the 17th – you can be lucky in love.

Mars and Pluto in your sign connect on the 10th, which puts pressure on you to achieve more than what is probably humanly possible. But while you are trying to be a super-person, be careful of being reactive, instead, slow down and be more strategic in your dealings. News of additional funds can come through now, with people reaching out to help you make your ambitious dreams come true on a business level. You can be challenged on a personal level now too, be careful you don’t allow a power struggle to get in the way of true love.

Family business can come under the spotlight this month, be prepared to make some changes, but in one way or another it will all work out for the best. Neptune comes out of its retrograde transit and as such will help you gain more clarity about your financial situation, and more importantly, how to improve it. Your career zone is still a hot bed of activity, especially for the first half of the month. And Mercury enters this area of your star-chart on the ninth, so if you have been waiting on answers or a decision it can come through now. For love to work, you need a deep friendship as well as a strong intellectual connection, both of which are possible to have.

Neptune, your ruler, in your sign finally comes out of its retrograde transit and can help you stay more grounded and see complex situations in your life for how they really are. Your intellect and your intuition are both powerful, but with the full Moon in your area of communication early in the month, you will want to be careful not to be erratic. Think through all the pros and cons of a situation before agreeing or disagreeing to anything. The new Moon in your career zone, along with an abundance of other planetary influences, indicates a positive new start. If you are looking for love it is possible to meet someone perfect, a soul mate, connected with your work. Stay open for love!