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By Jennifer Angel

Your attention will be fully on home affairs as well as business this month, Aries. There are opportunities, but there are also plenty of tangents that can take your attention away from priorities. To be productive, you are urged to avoid people who just want to take up your time for no real reason, just silly pettiness. Choose who you reach out to, and only confide in those who have something meaningful to offer you. Your ruling planet, Mars, now out of retrograde, provides the energy to stay motivated, and you can take advantage of this right through July. Love is also in your stars, but as business is hot now, don’t get too distracted, and you also want to take care to look after your health and wellbeing.

Relationships are in the spotlight and as Mars, the planet of motivation and passion, is now out of retrograde you can move forward more easily with your plans. And when it’s about romance, for singles, its possible to have a connection with someone you have a great deal of chemistry with. With business, this is a great time to get out and network; the people you meet now can play a significant role in your life. Friends and family can be supportive now, too. Keep your dreams and wishes top of mind, and don’t get despondent if you have not been moving forward toward your goals as fast as you’d like – that can all change now.

Money matters take on a more positive vibe during this month, as there are a lot of planetary aspects to either make changes to allow a better situation, or to start something new. The main thing this month for you, Gemini, is to be flexible, which is not a concern for you as a mutable air sign, and if you can, it will allow you to change directions if a different and better scenario is presented. However, with any arrangement, and particularly those with friends, ensure you get everything in writing. For love, it is best to set solid foundations of romance as well as friendship for a long lasting love future.

The energy of the new Moon is in your sign, along with a virtual traffic jam of planets and planetary interactions. It is an indication that life is about to get a whole lot more interesting, especially as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all interact with powerful Pluto. This can be a very intense time, especially with relationships, but it can also trigger change to make your relations with others better and for some, open the door to meet someone amazing. Business could face challenges, but the sort that will work out for the best, especially for money. A creative project can get the go-ahead now, too. Stay tuned for what happens next and stay positive!

If there was ever a time to pay attention to those intuitive nudges, Leo, it’s now. You can be successful in manifesting your dreams during this time, especially as the Sun, Mercury and Venus will move to your sign during the month, and the energy will help to boost your life, bank account and relations with others. But as this is potent energy, be careful what you wish for; make sure you know what you want. Both powerful Pluto and abundant Jupiter influence your chart and with these energies, it is important to put out to the universe your desires in a positive way, and if so, the right people can appear at precisely the right time.

Your contacts are important now and the more you can get out to mix and mingle the better. You are a giving person, but you are also conscious of surrounding yourself by the right people, the people who are sincere in their intentions, and this is the caliber of person you can meet this month. In the process of attracting the people you need to help you progress in life, it may be that you choose to part company with others. Mars, the planet of action and motivation, is now out of retrograde, and communications with business colleagues as well as friends will be easier, especially as Mercury, your ruler, will move to your sign later in the month. And with love, the same applies; you can attract someone who has integrity.

As Mars is now out of retrograde, business dealings, especially those of a financial nature, can move at a faster rate, and although you don’t want to make any rash decisions, you don’t want to let an opportunity slip through your fingers, either. And when you don’t have time to do your pros and cons exercise, pay attention to your intuition – ask yourself, does it feel right? Business and your home environment or family can combine in some way this month, and although others could have some good advice, don’t allow yourself to be railroaded into doing anything that doesn’t sit well with you. There is a lot going on right now, be flexible and prepared to make changes, if it makes good sense to do so.

Your co-ruler, the motivating and assertive energy of planet Mars, in your sign, and now finally out of retrograde, can take the hand brake off life. You need to be ready to move into the fast lane, which means getting organized. Mars will stay in your sign through to early August, so be careful not to allow anyone to waste your time, just because they can. This is also a positive time for travel or for planning travel. With business, international dealings are favorable, as is connecting with people from different cultures for both your personal or professional life. If you have a chance to take on additional studies in some way, take it, if you can fit it into your schedule. And with love, a connection with someone you have a great deal of passion with as well as a soul connection is possible now.

With positive interactions between Jupiter, your ruler, and other planets, money matters are top focus now, so pay attention to opportunities that cross your path. And as abundant Jupiter sits in your career zone, your career stars are also in a good place. You can have connections with people who can help you with financial matters in some way – partnerships are positive during this time. It can seem like things are changing somehow, which can be disruptive and unsettling, but that’s the way life moves you to the next phase – stay the course, things will settle down, and in a better way. When it’s about love, a passionate connection can get the attention of your heart, and couples can build a stronger a deeper bond with each other.

Your stars are hot, Capricorn! What happens next can both surprise and excite you. There is an abundance of planetary activity that has a direct effect on your sign. The new Moon right opposite in your area of relationships, on July 4th, indicates a new start in some way, or couples can renew their bond. The full Moon later in the month in your sign can shake things up, but in a good way. Try to go with the flow somewhat instead of forcing a situation to be how you want it to be – it could be that there is something better waiting for you. Love, money and connections can all set your life on fire now and lead you to a new and exciting existence, and it could be closer than you think. But be flexible, the journey could be different than what you expect.

Mars, in your career zone, now out of retrograde moves you into top gear at work and for some of you, expect to get the kudos for a job well done that you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to stand up and show the world who you are and what you can do. Mars will be in the position for all of July, so it’s time to get motivated and busy with business. But to stay productive, make sure you look after yourself, don’t let your health and beauty regime slip to the bottom of the list. Think big and be positive. Don’t let any self-doubts slip into the recesses of your mind, or allow anyone else to tell you what you can or can’t do. Venus, Mercury and the Sun, will all move to your relationship zone this month, so it’s not all about work, love is very much in your chart, too.

This is a positive time, where you can shine like the brightest star, Pisces, but to do so, you will probably need to leave your comfort zone, and when life pushes you forward in this manner, you can move closer to achieving your dreams and wishes. Work, love and connections are all possible, and the energy of the new and full Moons can help you overhaul your life and start afresh. A romantic interaction can be all consuming, even if you don’t want it to be, as you can now have someone in your life that has a deeper spiritual connection. And for couples, with a heart-to-heart communication, you can build a stronger union. For business, networking is vital and it is important to be organized. Be careful of spending all your time at work though, as you want to have balance in your life, but at the same time be aware of who and what you allow to enter your life.