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Jennifer Angel Jennifer Angel is a celebrity astrologer, media personality and the resident astrologer and metaphysical writer for the New York Daily News and Star Magazine (USA), and Her websites receive nearly 18 million unique users per month, and she has a fan base that spans three continents! Jennifer’s horoscopes, articles and pet horoscopes give her readers inspiration and insight into their lives. Her astrological forecasts and featured articles have a unique style, which is light, refreshing, informative and uncannily accurate. Even those who claim not to believe can’t resist a sneak peek at their horoscopes from time to time!


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This is a dynamic month for Aries! The influence of the eclipse, and Mars, Uranus, Venus and the Sun all in your sign at some point and interacting with other planets, it is an action filled month. A power play at work makes you stand your ground. Your love life is intensified. Your intuitive and creative senses are heightened. The transformation you have gone through over the past years comes to a head now. Be prepared to say goodbye to the past while you plant new seeds for the future.

Your emotions can run high this month, and you will want time just for yourself to sort out how you feel about certain situations. Not all information is meant for all people, but be careful of keeping secrets from those who need to know. A breakthrough at home can occur on some level. The support of friends is important and welcomed. A door opens and with a new attitude on life itself, you can walk in a new direction. Your intuition is loud and clear now – pay attention to it.

You are a social person at the best of times, and with so much activity in your solar eleventh house, your popularity is off the charts. Your career gets a positive boost. There will be opportunities for you to stand on center stage, take advantage of them. Be prepared to be your own PR manager and promote yourself. Not everyone will be on your side, but those who count, will. While creating your career, your love life can momentarily take a back seat; don’t neglect loved ones or family.

It’s an excitement plus month! No shortage of things to do, think about or deal with, Cancer. You need to be on alert with your thoughts and feelings as to not overreact. Your career can get a magnificent restart, but at the same time, your relationships can suffer if you don’t pay enough attention to those who are near and dear to you. A boost to the bank balance is also possible, and travel or work abroad is in the stars. Friends are important and can come through for you.

Your wildest and grandest dreams can make headway this month with a sense of attainment, but most likely not without some opposition. With business, be prepared to sell yourself; you are a natural negotiator and now is the time to use this skill. Sudden financial developments can work in your favor – don’t assume anything until all is revealed. Partnerships are favored, as are dealings abroad and new studies. Love plans can get delayed; don’t worry, think long term.

The full Moon in your sign gets your attention and heightens your senses, which will very much be needed this month. Your relationship can move into the next stage, singles can meet someone amazing, or have a breakthrough in regard to relationships, in some way. And remember, there is always room to compromise. Partnerships and collaboration in regard to business can boost your financial situation, but make sure it is what your want. Aim for win-win outcomes.

You are in for a crazy ride his month. Everything you have worked towards over the past few years can come through for you now and gets a boost of energy to build on what you already have. But just know, when life is about to change, it can get messy. Family business can come to a conclusion, it may not be exactly as you would like, but it is what it is. You can communicate with people from the past. Relationships and friendships get closer, but to do so, be prepared for some soul searching.

Your productivity gets a boost! It’s a great month to set new disciplines and goals for work and your overall health and wellbeing. With a positive attitude you can achieve anything you want. An opportunity for business can set you on a different journey. Friends are likely to want to give you their advice; you can listen but don’t feel obliged to follow. Your love life is also hot on the radar; a new beginning is in the stars. Be prepared to step into a bright new future.

A development can change things around in regard to family or your home environment. What happens next could be surprising but welcomed. Business aboard or a fascination with different cultures can take place this month. Love is heightened. A new love affair can commence and long distance love affairs are also highlighted. Learning a new skill can enhance your career prospects. A new opportunity can come through now, or progress can change things in some way.

This is an intense month, with its fair share of highs and lows. One thing for sure, it’s a new start. The energy will move you from one place to the next. Certain things will take place regardless of what you do, so don’t try to control too much; there is such a thing as getting out of your own way. Business partnerships that are financially viable are positive. Your home and family life is directly in focus, and can be unconventional and unpredictable. Love can enhance, commence or renew.

Love, money and commerce are all hot in your star-chart now. A creative concept can get the green light, and have the capacity to boost your bank account. People in official positions can be changeable, wait for the energy to settle before you do or say anything. A heartfelt discussion can take love to the next stage, or even be the start of a new relationship. It may appear that friends are reluctant about your plans, but in fact, it may be they are just giving you space to follow your heart.

This is a huge month for Pisces! The total solar eclipse in your sign is an indication that your whole life can change around in one-way or another, and not before time! Your finances get a healthy injection of cash, and mostly from your own hard work. Not everyone will agree with how you manage your money, but that’s your business, not theirs. Your self-esteem also gets a boost, and gives you more confidence on the love scene. Communication with someone special moves love to the next stage.