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Jennifer Angel Jennifer Angel is a celebrity astrologer, media personality and the resident astrologer and metaphysical writer for the New York Daily News and Star Magazine (USA), and Her websites receive nearly 18 million unique users per month, and she has a fan base that spans three continents!Jennifer Angel’s horoscopes, articles and pet horoscopes give her readers inspiration and insight into their lives. Her astrological forecasts and featured articles have a unique style, which is light, refreshing, informative and uncannily accurate. Even those who claim not to believe can’t resist a sneak peek at their horoscopes from time to time!


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April Horoscopes

Aries: March 21 – April 19

It is true that life continually supports and challenges you, as do your relationships, and with this month’s Grand Cardinal Cross formation directly hitting your sign, hold on tight, you are in for a ride. But it is not all bad news, what comes out of this intense and challenging time can put you on the track you are meant to be on. Ride it through and hold your judgments until the chaos has settled. With love, a full moon lunar eclipse in your opposite sign, your relationship area can set you on a path of doing what is right for you.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

The big astral news this month for you, Taurus, is the new Moon/ solar eclipse in your sign, and although it is not until the end of the month on the 29th, the energy can really give you a boost. Not only is it an intense eclipse, it is your annual new Moon, known as a wish period and signifies the beginning of your new solar phase. The Grand Cross this month brings your energy back to focus on what you really want to do in life, particularly on a work level. On the love scene, frivolous flirtations are out, and secure relationships that can develop into deeper connections are in.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Take care this month to watch your finances, you could actually by the close of the month end up in a much better position than you are currently in, but caution is needed to ensure you have more coming in than going out. The Grand Cardinal Cross highlights creativity, and a positive connection can be made to further your career.  Love is highlighted this month with the lunar eclipse on the 15th, and can help you get clear about your next step. Mixing business with pleasure can put you in the right place for love this month – it’s time to get out and start networking.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

As a cardinal sign, you are in the direct line of this month’s Grand Cardinal Cross and as such, life can be uncertain on many levels. However, when the dust settles, what comes out of the chaos and intensity can provide the change and challenge you need to restructure certain areas of your life.  Ruled by the Moon the two eclipses this month are also intense, particularly on the home front and in your personal life. It is a month of challenge but also excitement. Take each day as it comes, Cancer, and see where it leads.

Leo: July 23 – August 22

There is a new start with work this month, but not until the end of the month with the new Moon / solar eclipse, but the energy will build through the month, particularly with everything else happening on the astral scene, a grand cardinal cross third week and lunar eclipse mid month. You want to make sure you head in the direction of your dreams, Leo, and in the process, make sure you don’t neglect your health. Venus in your seventh house at the start of the month keeps the love vibe strong.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Money matters are certainly highlighted this month with the influence of the grand cardinal cross, which prompts you to take a closer look at your money management. It does also indicate the possibility of a fortune partnership in relation to support or monetary matters. With love, romance can be intense, and if you are looking for love, you can walk around the corner and just about trip over someone suitable as a love-mate.  Venus make a transit to your solar seventh house, which shines a romantic light on couples, don’t spend all of your time at work and at the bank, Virgo!

Libra: September 23 – October 22

This month’s grand cardinal cross formation has a potent effect on your life, Libra, and between family, work and love, you will feel like you are juggling your life somewhat – it would seem you are very popular, but you may not want to succumb to everyone’s demands. You are in control, Libra, and although there will be some areas you are simply not in control of, it is still up to you how you proceed. Nothing is surer then there is change approaching. Mars retrograde in your seventh house of relationships, and a full Moon / lunar eclipse mid month can get your heart racing.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

You can expect to be thinking a lot deeper about your life in general this month, Scorpio, with the grand cardinal cross emphasizing your dreams, wishes and optimism.  The lunar eclipse mid month further highlights issues that are likely to come up close and personal for you to have a more in-depth look at. Creativity and work are both on your mind, and with a solar eclipse in your opposite sign towards the end of the month, your love life can also get a boost of excitement.

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

The energy of the grand cardinal cross this month directly hits your financial sectors. Be careful of who you trust. Partnerships need to feel right as well as look good on paper, use your intuition to know if people are work for or against you. However, in saying that, there are also favorable options to connect with positive people in this area and one way or anther you will be shown who is right and who isn’t. With love, you can have an intense romantic connection with someone who can be somewhat unusual.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Get ready to rock and roll, Capricorn. But isn’t April meant to be a challenging month? Yes it is, but us Caps are not scared of a little upheaval here and there, particularly if it will put some urgency on moving our life to where it should be, and that can all happen now. Do be careful of allowing your frustrations to take over though, you want to take things in your stride and have faith in the knowledge that everything will, when the uncertainty parts way to clarity, work out. You will still be standing and be in a better spot, Capricorn. With love, you will want to clear your schedule to let love in, and when you cupid sends his arrows, you will not want to miss the connection.

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Discussions and communication are highlighted this month, and directed at your business dealings, particularly creative concepts. Travel is also highlighted. The grand cardinal cross affects everyone on some level and for you, Aquarius, and for you it can help you sort what way you should be heading and who to take along for the ride. There is a new start at home around family, and with Venus still in your sign early in the month, you will want to put time aside for social and intimate gatherings.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Money matters are in the spotlight this month as well as financial partnerships. It seems your bank account is destined to get a boost, but getting to that point could very well be confronting on some level. With Venus in your sign for most of the month, this will be a nice reprieve from the unsettling energy of the grand cardinal cross and eclipses, both of which can put you on edge, Pisces.  A creative project can take your focus as well as friends, perhaps a friend that needs a sympathetic ear. Pace yourself, Pisces, and also protect yourself from people who just love to wallow in drama – you don’t need it.