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Mistress of Astrology


By Jennifer Angel


This is a month to get serious about love and work, Aries, and prioritize your schedule so you are super-productive. Powerful eclipse energy, both solar and lunar, injects energy to help you make decisions and move forward with certainty and you want to be in a position to take up opportunities as they cross your path.  Venus comes out of retrograde this month on the sixth and will shine a light on your social life as well as romance and love affairs. You can connect with people now more easily and the right people can suddenly appear. This month, you can make a significant difference in your life, in a positive way, take advantage of it!


With serious Saturn finally moving out of your relationship zone, love and romance can take on a lighter note. It will allow you to get out and be social to meet someone suitable, especially as Venus, your ruler, comes out of retrograde early in the month. Family affairs also lighten up, with a good chance of past issues being resolved. Mercury comes out of retrograde and can put a hold on work decisions, but it can provide you with precious thinking time. And as an earth sign, you are best if you can weigh everything up before making a final decision. Your long-range goals can start to move into place now, and you need to stay positive as what comes next does promise to be better than what has come to pass.


There is never a dull or boring moment in a Gemini’s life, and this month continues to support that theme. With two eclipses, there is plenty of energy to get things moving. Your family and social life get a hit of energy, but don’t be surprised if you part company with someone, and not because you have a falling out, more so because you are just moving in different directions. Saturn moves to your relationship area and can start a discussion about the future and whether you and someone else have the same priorities. And Mercury, your ruling plane, goes retrograde on the 18th, which can put a delay on plans, but it will give you time to think things through on a more detailed level.


Venus and Pluto both come out of retrograde this month, and for you, Cancer, love and money, your two favorite things in life are about to increase with a shot of energy to both areas.  You can expect to gain clarity on a love situation and find out exactly how you, or someone else, feels about your current situation and decide where to go from here. The solar eclipse in your money zone indicates the start of something new that can be beneficial financially. And the lunar eclipse later in the month can have you rearranging your work life in some way – keep an open mind to different options available. Some of you will be saying good-bye to an unworkable situation only to embrace something new and better.


If things in your love life seem to have been on hold, that can all change this month when Venus comes out of retrograde. The love goddess sits in your sign, Leo, and you can expect to feel a lighter energy around all things love and relationships, as well as monetary matters and opportunities. However, as Mercury goes retrograde mid month on the 18th, you will need to be careful of what you say and how you say it – and remember the importance of timing. Your finances can get a boost with the solar eclipse mid month, and the lunar eclipse towards the end of the month will prompt you to revaluate your life and the journey you travel to arrive at your destination. This is a month of possibilities and opportunities; stay focused on your highest priorities!


This month’s new Moon, which is a partial solar eclipse, in your sign, makes this a month of possibilities and options. There is a lot happening now and you can let go of some situations to make room for more favorable ones. Pluto comes out of retrograde; finally, after a five-month period and this will allow you to get close to someone you have an intimate relationship with. For singles, it’s a good time to get out to mix and mingle, especially as Venus comes out of retrograde on the sixth. The powerful full Moon, a full lunar eclipse and super moon, at the end of the month can alter an arrangement you have around finances. However, Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde for its third and final time this year and cautions you to think carefully about money matters.


Prepare to be busy, Libra! It’s time to get serious about work, life and love! And with Pluto in your area of home and family, coming out of retrograde on the 12th, life can move forward now with you gaining insight to come to a conclusion about your next steps. This month’s full Moon, a powerful lunar eclipse, can give you a chance to make some decisions in your personal life, too.  And don’t be surprised if you part company with a few friends, but not because of any particular reason, simply because you are walking different paths, especially as Venus will come out of retrograde on the sixth. Mercury, in your sign, will go retrograde mid month and cautions you to think before you speak, it is easy for misunderstanding to occur during this time – don’t assume anything.


Saturn will move to your solar second house, the area of money and possessions and also the area of your self-worth, and for the next two-year period, Saturn can challenge you to step up and ask for what you are worth and not undersell yourself. But the good news is, he leaves your sign and the energy around you becomes a lot lighter and brighter, and now you can reflect on the soul searching you did over the alt few years. Venus will come out of retrograde, in your career zone, and with the solar eclipse in a social area of your chart, both these influences can put you in the right place at the right time to meet significant and supportive people. Romantic Neptune and the Sun interact right at the start of the month and set the scene for love!


You are a socially active and engaging person, Sagittarius, but this month, Saturn will move back to your sign and take up residence for the next two years, and you will find yourself wanting more time alone. You will use this time to think through different areas of your life, where you’ve come from, what direction you are heading and how you feel about it. There is very much an opportunist feel about this month, and two eclipses will certainly get the energy rolling. Mid month, the new Moon, a partial solar eclipse in your career zone, can open doors. And with the full Moon, a full lunar eclipse later in the month, you can gain clarity about a personal situation. Your focus is on work at the start of the month, and there may well be an option to consider that can be very good for you financially.  


Transformational planet Pluto, the power planet, in your sign, Capricorn, finally comes out of a five-month retrograde transit, which can make you feel lighter and brighter, and release energy from situations that have become stagnant. The Sun will move to your career zone to join Mercury, however, Mercury will go retrograde on the 18th, so use these first few weeks to start new projects or lock them down.  Both the new and full Moons are eclipses this month and this added energy will influence both your business life giving you a broader vision, and your personal life, making some changes around home and family. Venus the love planet can set the scene for love and sensuality, so don’t spend all your time at the office, although this position, your solar eighth house, is also good for financial support. It would seem the bedroom and boardroom is good for you this month!


If you have had challenges in your personal life, and more particularly your love life, you can blame it on Venus retrograde. But the good news is, she comes out of retrograde this month on the 9th, so if you survived Venus retrograde without a love scrap, then your relationship is probably much stronger. And the other good news is, cautious Saturn departs your career zone and you can feel a lighter energy with less tension and hardship at work, too. There are two eclipses this month. The solar eclipse mid month indicates that you can gain relief from a financial situation. And the lunar eclipse later in the month can open doors for you to take on some studies or consider traveling.


The new and full Moons this month are both eclipses, and influence love and money, two of your most favorite topics. The new Moon, a partial solar eclipse mid month in your love zone sends electric sparks direct to your heart center; this is a great time for both couples and singles. Venus will come out of retrograde, too, another reason to celebrate love and life. And as Mars moves to your love zone later in the month, passion and romance will connect. Saturn will make a move to your career zone and stay there for the next two years, and during this time, you will be encouraged to build solid business that will stand the test of time. Mercury will go retrograde on the 18th, for the final time this year, so if you are working on a financial deal or situation, best to get it locked down before then. With money, the full Moon, a full lunar eclipse and super moon at the end of the month can spark a change in the way you manage your money.