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Mistress of Astrology



By Jennifer Angel



The love duo planets, Mars and Venus, move to your area of relationships, making this a perfect time to get out and socialize. However, Mars, your ruler, is not that comfortable in this position. So be careful that you are not too quick to pass judgment on someone if they are not doing what they said they would – they could have a good reason.  Look for opportunities at work, something fabulous could have your name on it, but it’s up to you to be proactive and go after it. This is a great time to plan for the future. Be idealistic and think in terms of ‘what-it’ you had no limitations, what would you do.



Your love zone is hot with activity. The new Moon in this area is a sign of better things to come. And if you’re looking for love, this can be the time that you meet someone special, if not, then be patient, it will happen. You have a chance this month to rebuild a friendship and get it back on track, but don’t spend too much time and energy dredging up what went wrong. Work colleagues and business connections can come through for you now, and be there for the future. With money, this is a positive time to build security, avoid an impulsive spending spree.



Relationships are very much on your radar this month, and it is a perfect time to evaluate where you stand with certain people. Full Moon energy can help you close the door on anything not working or anyone no longer suitable for your life, and as it is in your sign, it can all happen in an instant, so just go with the flow. And if you feel life is a little out of control, remember, when life feels like it is on the spin cycle, this is when things are about to change, which can be for the better. Whatever is going on, don’t neglect your health and wellbeing. Put time aside to pamper yourself, too. For love, get out and socialize, love can knock on your heart when you least expect, but don’t be in too much of a rush, enjoy the love moment.



You are highly intuitive, Cancer, but this month, you are really tuned in, so you will want to pay attention to inner nudges and intuitive guidance. You may also need to schedule some ‘do not disturb’ time so you can reflect on life and gain insights as to what your next steps are. A work project or a creative venture that has your attention can go ahead, be open to working with others to take fully advantage of this energy. For love, someone amazing can connect with you now, and it can all start with a conversation. Life can be unpredictable, and whether you are in love or looking for love, a nice connection can happen now or develop further. But remember, life and love, does come with the need to compromise.



Family togetherness makes your heart smile, Leo, and this month, you can have plenty of it.  A social get together can reconnect you, friends and family, in a positive way. You also have a chance to make a situation right with a friend or partner, perhaps an altercation or misunderstanding, but it’s likely you will need to be the one to reach out.  Few things in life are really worth getting upset about, it is far more productive to work through issues and be open to forgive and forget. Business and finances are positive, but be prepared to negotiate to get the best outcome for you and all concerned. Your natural tendency is to think big and be idealistic, and that’s a great place to start, but you need to be realistic, too, to move forward and progress.



With Venus and Mars both moving to your money zone, your attention is on your bank account. Venus can help you attract money and security, but Mars can tempt you to make rash decisions, so be mindful not to get involved in risky business.  If in doubt, ask more questions, no one can probe to get answers like you can, Virgo, use your skill of being persistent. There are career and work opportunities but you need to be a self-promoter, so be prepared to let people know your range of skills and expertize. With love, don’t get too serious, life and love is for living and enjoying. Open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable by sharing with someone how much they mean to you. And remember, it’s your life to live so don’t allow anyone else to interfere with your choices.  



Work, love and money are all top focus in your chart this month. New opportunities can present themselves, particularly of a creative nature, and work that can help boost your bank account. Your perseverance and hard work can all pay off now. You may need to brush up on some skills or undertake some study or research but it will be worth the time you put in. It’s important to do some planning, and even if you do change your mind later, it will give you a starting point and goals to work towards. But be careful not to over-promise, which can cause you to under-deliver. Venus and Mars, both move to your sign this month, and as Venus is your ruler, she is happy here, and sends love in your direction. However, Mars is not so happy, so be prepared to make some allowances for someone.



The new Moon this month is in your sign, giving you a chance to review and revise your goals, attitude and aspirations in life. There is a lot of activity around you and it is important to keep your focus on priorities and not get caught up in pettiness. When you don’t allow negativity to penetrate your life, you stay inspired and optimistic. Before you part with cash or invest your finances, make sure you have all the information, and keep in mind, that everything has a positive and negative, so you need to look at all the pros and cons. For love, you can move a relationship to amore secure and committed phase now, and if you’re looking for love, then look for someone who is serious about having a relationship and not just wanting a passing fling.



Your career is on a fast track to success, but be careful not to just take anything that comes your way, because it just happens to cross your desk. Money is crucial to live, but it’s also important to do what you love, that’s where you will gain the most satisfaction. One of your strengths, Sagittarius, is to look at the big picture and to inspire others to do the same. This month, make sure you send your thoughts to the universe on a positive note; it’s the ‘positive’ part that has the power to manifest your dreams. But be realistic about the time frame for completion. With the full Moon influencing your relationships later in the month, it will help you get to the bottom of a situation that needs more clarity. Be open to discussion and you will be able to move forward on a more confident note.



Saturn, you ruler, will interact with Neptune and a few days later the Sun will do the same. Your home and family area will be up for review during this time and Saturn will caution you not to make any rash decisions. Take a step back to reevaluate and ensure you have the facts correct before doing or saying anything.  A situation at work looks positive but it can stop start, which will give you time to fine tune the details. Try to go with the flow somewhat this month, as there may very well be more to come and you don’t want to act too quickly and interfere in the process. What happens next can work out better for you. Good friends will offer support, and a discussion can clear up a misunderstanding. Love can be combined with work somehow, and it can have a destined feel about it.



The energy of the new Moon shines light and optimism on your work situation; if you have been waiting for things to change, stand by, as they can during this time.  You are entering a new cycle for your career – be positive, when you think the best, that’s often what you get. Mercury also influences your career, and can provide the opening to have a discussion that can set things in motion. If you have a situation with friends that relates to money, be wary, it may not end up as you thought it would. But there is no point getting upset, it is what it is, spend your energy instead on making other arrangements.  With love, be careful of getting caught up with what someone did or didn’t do; it may be time to forgive, forget and resolve it. But of course, there is always the option of parting company – the choice is yours.



If family needs your attention and assistance then you will want to be there for them, so get ready to rearrange your schedule to do so. When it concerns money, if you do not hold the purse strings, you can at least have an influence on the decision makers, so don’t sit back and let someone else take total control. If you can give valuable advice, do so, but wait for the timing to be right, and ensure you have the other person’s full attention. Your natural instinct in life is to be idealistic and this standpoint serves you well, but right now, with work and business, if things don’t head in the direction you desire, it would be wise to have a plan B in place.  Your love life also demands attention, and as love is very important to you, don’t spend all your time at the office. However, before giving your heart to anyone, ensure you have compatibility on a mind body and spirit level – all are important.