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By Jennifer Angel



Stand by for Success, Aries! Your hard work and dedication can be rewarded this month with a greater cash flow. However, with five planets retrograde, you will need to be patient and strategic in your dealings and follow through to ensure everything happens in the way you intend it to. Stay positive and optimistic, a can-do attitude, which doesn’t allow anything or anyone negative to penetrate your mind and being, can be what brings you the most success now. Your career and finances are top priority, but don’t neglect your personal life – with Venus close by, love can knock on your heart now, too.


This month, Taurus, don’t take no for an answer! The energy of the new Moon, a supermoon, in your sign kick starts your next 12-month phase. Step into your personal power and make the most of opportunities that cross your path. Don’t get too caught up in how you are going to achieve everything on your list of goals, and for now, just believe you can. Mercury retrograde in your sign can slow things down but will come out of this transit on the 22nd – use this time for planning. Teamwork is what brings success at work. And with Venus, your ruler, and Mars making his move back to your love zone, along with beneficial Jupiter’s influence, love is definitely in your stars this month.


Good news, the Sun enters your sign this month, and brings bright new positive energy for a new start! Venus will join the powerful Sun energy at the end of the month, making it one the times in the year that love is intensified for Gemini. Your ruling planet Mercury, retrograde in the sign before yours, gets you thinking more deeply about life in general, where you are, where you want to be. When it comes out of retrograde on the 22nd, you can start to put plans into action. With love, follow your heart, and don’t let anyone tell you what you should be doing, not even family members. Mars moves back to your area of productivity and challenges you to get organized to stay on top of things. And someone can step forward with support on a financial level.


This is a social time, no matter how busy you are, make time to mix and mingle. Networking, whether social or business, can open doors for both work and love. But if you find love, be careful of handing over the key to your heart too quickly. To protect your heart, make sure you voice your intentions and needs to the other person. Don’t lock your day-planner in too tightly this month, sudden developments can take place and open up meetings or events that are worthy of you attending. Try to go with the flow and you just never know where it can take you.


It’s all happening for you this month at work, Leo, and whether you work for someone or run your own business, your focus is on getting ahead. There are five planets retrograde, which can slow things down, but there are plenty of fabulous positive planetary aspects, and a new Moon, too to keep things moving. Your attraction power for opportunity in regard to work and money is hot now, so stay tuned-in to capitalize on what crosses your desk. But keep a little time up your sleeve to connect with family, and although you can’t be there for everyone during this time you will want to be there for those you love. Romance is on your radar and the stars encourage you to build a strong friendship.


This month, you can broaden your vision and therefore your life through travel, international business, or even mixing with different cultures. Be open to discovering something new, as well as investigating ways you can increase your knowledge through further education. With family, if an issue has nothing to do with you, then don’t get involved, other than giving some good ole fashioned common sense advice. But be careful of who you tell your business to this month, especially on a professional level, and if you really do need to vent, seek out someone you know is loyal and confidential. In love, a deeper spiritual connection with someone will build closeness.


It’s time to do the right thing by yourself, Libra, which can mean making some hard decisions. First, make sure that everyone in your life is supportive and has your best interests at heart, otherwise cut them loose. With Money, Mars moves back to your financial area, so be careful of getting involved in anything that has not past your famous Libra pros and cons list. You could very well find that people step up and provide support now, both on a emotional and monetary level, but you do need to be sure they are people you want to do business with. And as Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, make sure you know all the facts and see it laid out in black and white. Above all else, trust your instincts.


Love, romance and passion are all on your mind, and more so than ever, with the combined energy of the Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury, all siting in your seventh house, the area of relationships. And as Mars, your co-ruler, makes his way back to your sign on his retrograde journey you can get in touch with your emotions. Pay attention to how you actually feel about your life and in more particular, someone you share it with or would like to share it with. Mercury is retrograde, so be mindful that misunderstandings can happen, so you may want to give others the benefit of the doubt until you find out the whole story of what has gone down with a situation. At work, friends and business don’t always mix; make sure you are on the same page. The people you meet now can be influential in some way with opportunities.


Your attraction power is hot right now, Sagittarius – use it! This month’s full Moon is in your sign and as such the energy can make you feel a little unsettled, but it can also help you get in touch with changes that may be overdue. And with Mars moving out of your sign on its retrograde transit back to Scorpio, you have a chance to do some soul searching, which can help you come to some decisions. Once Mercury is out of retrograde on the 22nd you will be in a better position to put those decisions into action. Later in the month, love and romance will be top focus, so it is good to clear your schedule in the early part of the month. At work, good things can happen, but you may need to compromise on some level.


Your love life gets a boost and you can join forces with someone you feel aligned with, but don’t expect too much, just enjoy the moment. With five planets retrograde things may look like they are coming together, but can take a while to actually lock into place. At work, collaboration with those who have similar values and work ethic can reveal opportunities to investigate. Business developments that you have been waiting for can arise from social get-togethers. At the same time, if you need to walk away from an unsuitable friendship this is the time to do it. Later in the month, the Sun and Venus will both move to he position in your chart that aligns to productivity, providing the energy to get organized. This is also a great time for an image overhaul.


Family affairs and matters around the home and domestic base can sort themselves out now with a little extra attention. And as the month progresses, your love and romance stars get hotter and your focus can shift more to your personal life. A discussion about money can develop in a positive way, but don’t just listen to what someone else has to say, do your on fact-checking and pay attention to your own good counsel, too. In regard to friends, someone can real their real intentions, and you may find they have an agenda – you are better off knowing the truth. To get ahead at work, avoid interruptions.


You can ride a lucky wave this month, but you need to watch for the signposts, the coincidences in life, the serendipity, to pick up on the subtle clues. Then be prepared to move out of your comfort zone to make headway. This month’s super new Moon sharpens your thought process and when you feel inspired about life, you have the energy to make just about anything possible. And when Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 22nd, you can put your plans into action. Love and romance are on top of your mind too, and you can come to a conclusion, decision or possibly a commitment. The energy of the full Moon can provide the trigger to make changes with work and business. Whether it is your personal or professional life, open and honest communication is important.