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Mistress of Astrology

By Jennifer Angel

March concluded with the Aries new Moon on the 27th, bright new energy to review, reset and kick start your goals for the second quarter. This month commences with Venus reentering Pisces in her retrograde transit, when love and all things relationship can be more harmonious. Mars and Pluto push you into action, but Saturn retrograde can cause delays. However, the energy does prompt you to tidy up loose ends. Venus will square Saturn, twice, giving you a chance to revisit love and/or money lessons. And as the Sun and Pluto also square, be careful of power-control battles. Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th, a time to plan rather than act. Full Moon in Libra on the 11th can present surprises with relationships. Venus finally comes out of retrograde on the 15th. The Sun will move to Taurus, a sign of determination, but also stubbornness. And with Mercury retrograde and interacting with both Uranus and Saturn, anything can and probably will happen, so keep the schedule flexible. Shortly after, the new Moon in Taurus adds lightness. The month closes with Venus moving back to Aries, where relationships can feel a strained again, but give you a chance to clear up misunderstandings.

Don’t get too comfortable, Aries, just when you least expect it life can change. The decisions you make this month can spark development in your business life and as a result your income can also increase. But don’t fall into old patterns of operating or thinking, especially with love or work. You can transform your life now, but to do so, it’s out with the old to allow space for the new

Life inevitably presents its compromises, you do one thing and you or someone else in your life must make an adjustment. If you stay focused on your grand plan, the dream that is connected to your soul, with the help of new Moon in your sign you can move in that direction. Your first step is to gain clarity, and that will require you to have some thoughtful solo time.

Get ready to be busy, Gemini! As action planet Mars makes his way to your sign, quick thinking, quick actions and a lot of excitement will be the order of the month. It’s also a very social time for you, and with Venus retrograde still, you could very well reconnect with someone from the past. But beware of similar situations, it could be a message that you need to move on.

Home, family, work and prominent connections are all a big part of your life this month. Something that happens at work can change things at home, or vice-versa. And a social event can put you in touch with someone influential, someone who can provide an opportunity for a new positive start in some away. A situation with a friend can prove to be beneficial, too. Stay open to the possibilities of life.

If you have an opportunity to advance your knowledge or education in a way that promotes your work and career, then take it, Leo. Remember, knowledge is power, you can never know too much and right now it will serve you well, especially as you can move your career forward and up a notch. Share your innermost feelings to open your heart and attract love. Or, you can build a deeper connection with your partner.

Work is about to get busy, be careful not to take on more than you can handle. Life balance is important, be sure to make time for you and those you love. Money matters are high on your agenda, and a past situation can resurrect itself. You have a chance to make it right or gain closure. A powerful romantic moment, a connection with someone amazing, can provide the energy to move love forward.

Full Moon energy can make you feel alive on the dating scene or with your partner. It can also present challenges that push you out of your love-comfort-zone. A heart-to-heart discussion can clear the air and set the stage to move forward. There can be developments with money, but also delays, be patient. If a discussion is awkward, speak your truth but be diplomatic, too.

A powerful connection you have with someone can get the green light this month and further develop into something fabulous. Be prepared to give more of yourself and open up to what comes next, even if it does mean stepping out of your safety zone. With business and money, it’s important to get organized as your day planer can change, and you may not be in control.

No one knows better than you, Sagittarius, that the truth will set you free. Secrets can harm a relationship, and therefore, it’s important to be upfront and honest. A love union is passionate, but before you go giving all of yourself, leave some time, focus and energy to pamper your own needs. When you look after yourself, you value yourself.

Stand by for news. A development with work can change things in some way at home and turn things around. Spend time enhancing your home so it is a sanctuary of peace and love to return to. At work, there’s a new start. A discussion involving a creative project can move a situation forward and in an advantageous way. What happens next can empower you to reach your goals, but you will need to be productive to do so.

Your financial situation can start to look up, as does a situation at home or with family. With money, things don’t always work out as you plan, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be better than you imagine. Be guarded with a situation surrounding a friend, tread carefully. At home, a discussion can get things rolling in the right direction, but make sure you are clear about the arrangements.

A discussion with a friend can highlight a work and financial opportunity, but be careful of a power struggle. Get set who’s accountable for what so you don’t step on anyone’s toes. Once the details are sorted out, a situation can be great for now and the future. Venus moves back to your sign, and brings love and romance with her. Deal with and dump past baggage to embrace and invite love to your life.