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By Jennifer Angel


This month, get ready for action, Aries, which means that you need to focus on priorities and block everything else out, particularly distractions from people who are not beneficial to you in any way. There is plenty going on in and around your sign this month that can get your life moving in the right direction. Your annual new Moon signifies a new start, and with romantic Venus in your sign interacting with your ruling planet passionate Mars, the energy is hot for love and beneficial for travel. This is also a positive time to delve into your spirituality and undertake studies. Venus and Uranus, both in your sign, set the scene for love and as well as provide the energy to attract prosperity. A host of planets will be retrograde by the end of April, making this a perfect time to get down to business earlier in the month.


There is plenty of excitement around you this month, Taurus, and with your ruling planet Venus moving closer to you and making her move to your sign at the end of the month, there is also a lot of anticipation around love. The full Moon opposite your sign can bring things to a head in the love-department and can highlight areas that need to be dealt with, perhaps some old issues that have yet to be resolved. You can settle a family situation, too, and bring it to a suitable closure. When its about money if you can’t get the facts in place in order to make a decision, then trust your instincts, friends will also be helpful now, so you can draw upon their wisdom. Mercury, the communication planet, enters your sign and will go retrograde at the end of the month, and as such, will stay in your sign for an extended period of nine weeks. You can use this time for some deep reflective thinking and come to terms with how certain things are in order to make decisions, but wait until Mercury comes out of retrograde after May 23rd to do so.


There is a lot of planetary activity in the sign before yours, Gemini, which can help you get in touch with how you really feel about certain people and situations in your life, and how you want to proceed from this point. By the end of April, there will be five planets retrograde, including your ruling planet Mercury on the 28th, so this month is a good time to put thoughts into action. Things, and life in general, can slow down with so much retrograde in the astral chart. Mars, which sits in your opposite sign, your area of relationships, will go retrograde on the 17th, so certainly the first two weeks of the month are good for action and making decisions, in just about any area of your life. Mars provides the passion for love, but friendship is very important for the longevity of a love partnership.


Power planet Pluto in your area of relationships, will go retrograde for a period of five months, and during this time the energy will allow you to get in touch with what you want for yourself in the way of relationships. Love planet Venus is on the move and as she moves through three different signs making her way closer to you, the energy opens up the possibility of making connections for both business and personal areas of your life. And as Venus and Mars connect on the 12th, your attraction power gets even more powerful, making this an excellent time to get out and socialize and network to meet influential people. The new Moon on the 7th indicates a new start with business. And the full Moon on the 21st/22nd heightens your intuition to take notice of chance meetings.


You can never have enough knowledge, and you of all people, Leo, understand that knowledge is power and this month you have a chance to develop a greater awareness of what you need to accomplish to take you all the way to the top. You can broaden your horizons now and reach out with a broader net, so don’t limit yourself or your attitude. Keep a positive outlook — if you believe it you can achieve it. Mixing and mingling with different cultures will take your attention and interest now, too. With the Sun, Mercury the communication planet and Venus, ruler of love and money all making their way to your career zone, your work life and career can take off now. However, Mercury, along with a number of other planets will be retrograde by the end of the month, so in particular, the first two to three weeks of April is a good time to put plans into action. On the love scene, it’s important to speak your truth – say exactly what you mean.


The stars can send supportive people your way this month, and along with it can also come financial support, but it is up to you to accept offers, Virgo, instead of trying to do it all by yourself. A number of planets go retrograde this month, as well as Mercury, your ruler at the end of the month. The more you can get accomplished particularly in the first few weeks, the better. You want to be clear with your communication too, and as always, it is best to follow up verbal discussions in writing to ensure that everyone is on the same page. A situation around your home base or family can present itself now, but if you cant get it cleared up before the 17th when Mars goes retrograde, there will be no point in trying to force others to comply with your plans. In love, the energy for passion and romance is certainly available, but try to just enjoy the moment, rather than get too serious.


You have the option of asking for help this month, and all sorts of people can step forward to reach out, but it is up to you to say yes, and accept the offers, which is not always easy for you to do as you are usually the one lending the helping hand. There is a lot going on this month and you want to be careful of taking on too much and trying to be and do everything for everyone. With Venus’ influence early in the month, it is a good time to do something special for yourself – indulge in some personal pampering. Your financial stars are positive for April, particularly around the third week, and for working with others is favorable now. Love is hot and happening with the energy of the new Moon as well as a connection between Venus and Uranus. Anything can happen this month so if you are looking for love, put your best first impression forward at all times, and you just might find it.


This month’s full Moon is in your sign, and can bring things to a head in your life in one way or another. It is a good time to discard anything that is not working out for your greatest good and it will make space to invite something or someone more suitable into your life. It can be a make-it or break-it time now, but as usual in life, the choice is yours. There will seem to be some urgency to get things set now, and as there will be five planets retrograde by the end of the month, the more you can get settled earlier the better off you will be. But in a quest to get everything done, don’t rush ahead so fast that you ignore your intuition. The energy of the new Moon on the 7th focuses your attention on your own needs and the importance of time management and organization. As the Sun and Venus, as well as Mercury, all head to your love zone, you will want to carve out some time to spend with those you love. However, Mercury will go retrograde at the end of the month, so if you need to have sensitive discussions, then do so before the 28th.


Action go-getter planet Mars situated in your sign will enter its retrograde transit, of which it does every two years, and this will occur on 17th, so before this date will be a good time to get anything outstanding settled. At the end of this month, there will be five planets retrograde, which will slow down the energy and can feel like you are operating with the hand break on, so it is important to clear the schedule as much as possible leading up to this time. Your attention will be on love and romance this month, too, and a positive interaction between Mars and Venus, the love duo planets, can provide the energy of something amazing to take place in your love life. To get ahead with work during this time, you need to be organized, make a plan and stick to it. But don’t fill every minute up with activity, and as hard as it will be not to, you do need some solo time to reflect on life.


The energy of the new Moon on the 7th in your solar fourth house, the area of home and family and self-nurturing, indicates change in the way of a new beginning. For some, perhaps you will make your home cozier and a place to entertain, or even more like a sanctuary to come home to. You need to realize that you may need to cater to someone else’s ideals, but you don’t want to compromise past your point of comfort, so do beware of someone become demanding of you and your time. Romance is in your stars at the moment, too. For couples it is a time to reconnect and for singles, it is possible to form a partnership that can be suitable for the long-term, especially as romantic Venus and passionate Mars interact. Keep your finger on pulse with business and money matters, and do what you can to enhance your career. And as five planets will be retrograde by the end of the month, it will be best to get down to business sooner rather than later. Pluto goes retrograde on the 18th, for a five-month duration, which will give you time for some soul searching.


Friends are important and when you mix and mingle with the right friends, those you feel are on the same page as you, the interaction between you can be very enlightening. Venus and Mars, the love duo planets, will interact this month on the 12th in a favorable astral aspect, and open the door to make it possible to meet a romantic alliance through friends or social events. Get out and start networking. However, keep in mind that on the 17th, Mars will go retrograde, so interaction is likely to slow down after this time. This is a positive month for self promotion for business, but as a host of planets will be retrograde by the end of the month, the earlier in the month you can get involved in business, the better. You have an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and let the world around you know who you are and what you have to offer, and then see what happens. But as you are reinventing yourself, don’t forget family, they will also want some of your attention.


Your second house, the area of financial support and self worth, how much you believe you are worthy of attracting what you want in life, is packed with planets and activity throughout the month. As always, the wining formula for Pisces is to keep a positive attitude, optimistic outlook and surround yourself with people who feel the same way. Try to eliminate or at least limit interaction and contact with negative downers. The new Moon energy in this area, along with an interaction between Venus and Uranus make it a great time to put extra focus on your finances, and seek opportunities that will help boost your bank balance. But don’t wait for others, use this time to be proactive, particularly as by the end of the month there will be host of planets retrograde, which can slow down the energy. And don’t spend all your time chasing the dollar, either, as love is very much in your chart now, and after all, you are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, and love is a necessary ingredient in your life. But don’t get possessive of someone; the best relationships are where you can let each other be yourselves.