Virginie Berger

Virginie BurgerCreative and Dreams is proud to welcome Virginie Berger to our wonderful family of unique talent and expertise.

Virginie Berger is the founder of DBTH, the leading creative and development agency for international brands entering France/Europe.

DBTH specializes in working with individual artists, creative industries and emerging entertainment technologies on their innovations in digital strategies, including branding, globalization and consumer engagement.

DBTH also provides label management to artists and their professional networks, offering support in the areas of distribution, marketing, promotion, management and publicity. Thanks to its presence at every stage and its close proximity to all of the industry figureheads, DBTH is able to address the needs of the whole ecosystem, from content creators to content distributors.

A pioneer in the digital entertainment and social media worlds, Virginie Berger has worked with thousands of artists, brands and organizations to help them integrate, understand and leverage new technologies, while also connecting them with their audiences.

In addition to founding DBTH, Virginie is involved with The European Union, EUNIC and the British Council, where she provides digital knowledge and resources to help creative people and organizations leverage digital, mobile, media and technology in the Middle East. She is a long-time advisor with vast experience founding, scaling, and operating both start-ups and large organizations globally, as well as a deep expertise connecting new technologies with brands, partners and new audiences.

Virginie has more than 15 years of experience. From 1998-2009, she held various senior roles at Microsoft, NRJ and MySpace, which she joined early in the company’s launch in France as the Head of Marketing and Content. She oversaw the new venture’s programming, artist strategy, and consumer and product marketing. She managed the innovation around MySpace’s entertainment properties, including MySpace Music, Video, Secret Shows, Me MySpace and My Band, and Fashion. For her innovative work, Virginie has been named to more than 13 Top 50 Marketer lists.

Virginie also founded Don’t Believe the Hype, a music marketing website (, which ranked no.1 in the French territories. She has spoken at numerous conventions and universities as a guest lecturer and a speaker about digital marketing and strategies, she writes for publications all over the world and has been the host of the radio show “On refait la musique” (“Music re-loaded”) on Radio Neo since 2011.

Virginie is also the author of the book “Music and Digital Strategies, which was a bestseller in France.

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